(image for) VR-816 DOOR GASKET (Door Seal)

VR-816 DOOR GASKET (Door Seal)

Model: VRG003-2592



Guranteed high Quality Vernitron Autoclave Replacement Parts

Vernitron Door Gasket Cross-Section View Part #VRG003-2592
OEM Part #201708

  • 10.875" OD x .375" x .250" C/S

Fits: Door
Model(s) This Part Fits: V-8000, VR-816

Notes: VR-816 & V-8000 (Serial #49999 and below)

How To Replace The Vernitron VR-816 Door Gasket

Replacing The Door Gasket Is As Easy As 1-2-3 If You Follow These Directions

  1. Pry out the old gasket
  2. Check the channel and remove all foreign matter
  3. Place new gasket into position and squeeze into place

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