Delta Q Diagnostics

Delta Q Self-Diagnostic Check

Automatic Check

The Delta Q Autoclave automatically performs a diagnostic self-check on nine key components for operational continuity each time the main power switch (toggle switch located at rear of unit) is turned on.

An additional check may be made by the following procedure:
    Operational Check

    Depress “Power On” switch and “Clear/Start” switch at the same time. The autoclave beeps once, signaling the beginning of the self-diagnostic procedure.

    During the first four seconds, check that all display segments illuminate. If segments do not illuminate, contact us.

    This problem can give the operator incorrect information if not repaired

    After self-diagnostics, the unit returns to stand-by. The lower window displays any error found during the Operational or Automatic self-diagnostic check procedure.

    See table below for explanation of display.
S-1 Fill/Vent Solenoid Tests Solenoid Operation & Electrical Continuity
S-2 Dump Solenoid Tests Solenoid Operation & Electrical Continuity
S-3 Bellows Solenoid Tests Solenoid Operation & Electrical Continuity
SS-1 Steam Sensor Tests Electrical Continuity & Parameter Check
SS-2 Surface Sensor (Delta Q8 Part Number PCS230-3835) (Delta Q10 Part Number PCS230-3834) Tests Electrical Continuity
Lb Battery Tests Parameter Memory for Specials Mode (ie: Clock Settings)
P-1 Pressure Transducer Tests Nominal Operating Parameter
U-1 Line Voltage Tests For Adequate Voltage