How To Replace The Tuttnauer Water Level Switch

The Reservoir Water Level Switch is located inside the Water Reservoir

To replace it, follow these simple, Step-By-Step Instructions. No special tools are required


How To Replace The Tuttnauer Reservoir Water Level Switch

How To Remove The Defective Water Level Switch

  1. Unplug the unit
  2. Drain the Water Reservoir
  3. Disconnect or cut the two wires going to the Float Switch
  4. Unscrew the plastic nut on the outside of the Reservoir
  5. Remove the Float and rubber washer from inside the Reservoir


How To Install The New Water Level Switch


  1. Install the rubber washer on the new Float
  2. Insert the new Float with washer into the hole from inside the Reservoir
  3. Loosely screw on the plastic nut from outside the Reservoir
    Before tightening the plastic nut, make sure the Float is oriented correctly
    The Float should move up and down freely
  4. Attach an ohmmeter to the Float leads and check that when in the up position the meter shows continuity.
    When in the down position the meter should show an open circuit
  5. Tighten the plastic nut to insure the Float will not move or leak
  6. Reconnect the Float wires using either the connectors provided or by crimp connecting the wires widget logo