Tuttnauer Door Switch


Here are a few tips when adjusting the door switch/activator on Tuttnauer sterilizers.

  1. The Heat-On light and heaters should come on when the door gasket comes in contact and is completely sealed with the chamber surface – and not before that. Listen for the clicking sound of the door switch at this time.
  2. The Door Switch/Activator Part #TUAO66 is a spring loaded activator that can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the screw. Adjustments must be made so that when the door is closed and the final turn of the door closing device has been reached, two things will happen: 1) you will hear the door switch "click"; and, 2) you will see the Heat-On light go on (which means that the heaters have been activated).
  3. The Door Switch Part #TUS014 also can be adjusted to activate the heaters by adjusting the positioning of the rear inside panel nut, bringing the switch closer to or farther away from the activator. This would be necessary only if the sterilizer does not come equipped with the spring loaded activator ver.3.
  4. Use of the Rubber Boot Part #TUB072 for the door switch may prevent early switch failure by protecting the switch from steam. Make the necessary adjustments to the activator or the door switch after you have installed the boot.
  5. Don’t forget – when replacing an old door gasket with a new one, recheck the positioning of the door switch and activator, then make any necessary adjustments, and always check for steam leaks around the door with each of the above steps.

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