Midmark Instruments Not Drying Properly

After Sterilization is Complete, Packs Are Still Wet After Dry Mode

Sterilizer Overloaded Check the size of the load. Refer to User Guide. Reduce load size. 
Door spring missing / damaged If the door motor releases the latch, but the door remains closed, Inspect door spring for damage If the door motor releases the latch, but the door remains closed, Inspect door spring for damage
  Verify if door is at the vented position. Push in on door with out lifting handle Replace door springs
  Verify the QTY of door springs. M11- QTY 2, M9-QTY 2  
  Verify door springs are at a 45 degree angle Place door spring at a 45 degree angle
Door hinge binding Check for binding or build up of debris in the door hinges Clean debris from hinges
Sterilizer is not level. Remove tray / trays

Verify support surface is level.

Verify water on all sides of chamber are equal

Place sterilizer on a level support surface
Position / orientation of pouch Check with operator about how pouches are being loaded The preferred method is to position the pouches on edge using the pouch rack accessory. If this is not available, position the pouches with the paper side down
Customer decreased dry time Verify the dry time

Adjust dry time.

Factory preset is 30 minutes

Chamber filter clogged Check if chamber filter is clogged

Clean / Replace filter.

Clean with Mid-Clean and brush

Facility voltage too high / low

Test facility supply voltage. Voltage must be

115V models: 104 - 127 VAC 50/60 Hz

230V models: 207 - 253 VAC 50/60 Hz

Contact an electrician to modify voltage
C1017 PC Board malfunctioning

Perform Heating Element Supply Voltage Test With harness attached to leads should have line voltage in test mode

Perform Main PC Board Relay Test Check TP1 and TP2 for an acceptable range: 10 to 14 VDC

Perform Main PC Board Pressure Transducer Voltage Test Acceptable range: 4.0 to 6.0 VDC


Replace Main PC board

Door is opened past the vented position

Check if door is being opened past the vented position Do not open door prior to end of dry cycle
Excessive wrapping of insturments Check if the instruments are wrapped in multiple layers or heavy cloth Refer to: Guidelines for loading in the User Guide

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