Signs Of Rust


Sterilizer Shows Signs of Rust

Maintenance not performed Verify weekly and monthly maintenance has been performed by customer. Refer to User Guide Perform monthly maintenance
Incorrect Water Purity Refer to the water purity specification in the User Guide Follow water purity specifications
Instruments are wet prior to sterilization Check if instruments are thoroughly dried prior to sterilization Dry instruments thoroughly
Towels or packaging contain chlorine bleach residue Check how towels and packaging are laundered Do not use chlorine products to launder towels / packaging
Excessive wrapping of instrument Check if the instruments are wrapped in multiple layers or heavy cloth Refer to Guidelines for loading in the User Guide
Instruments are rusting Check quality of instrument with magnet. Rust can be transferred from instruments to the sterilizer. Corrosion sensitive material such as carbon steal, iron, etc Replace rusting instruments widget logo