Midmark Keypad Does Not Respond

Why Won't It Let You Select A Cycle?

This Guide Applies Only To Newer Style M9, M9D, M11, and M11D Autoclaves (Model Numbers 020 thru 022)

Display/Symptom What to Check Solution

Autoclave Is Turned On - "SELECT CYCLE" Appears On Display but KEYPAD Does Not Respond When Pressed
Turn the unit off. Unplug unit from outlet. Wait 60 seconds and then plug it back in and restart. This causes the system to reset. Try To Select A Cycle Again If KEYPAD is still unresponsive, Replace KEYPAD

Find The Replacement KEYPAD For Your Midmark Autoclave Here

Please Note: While The KEYPAD is the most common cause, it could also be the PC Control Board

Model Where To Find Your KEYPAD
M9 Click Here for the Midmark M9 KEYPAD
M9D Click Here for the Midmark M9D KEYPAD
M11 Click Here For The Midmark M11 KEYPAD
M11D Click Here for the Midmark M11D KEYPAD

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