How To Test The Temperature Sensor

If the Heating Element tests our okay, and you are still not gtting any heat or error code, this is what you need to try next

This Troubleshooting Guide is applicable for the following Midmark Autoclave Model Numbers: M9-020 thru -022, M9D-020 thru -022, M11-020 thru -022, M11D-020 thru -022

How To Test the Midmark Temperature Sensor

Service Tip: Residue can build up on the Temperature Sensor Probe causing inaccurate temperature readings. Clean the probe with an abrasive pad (dark color scotch-brite pad). Then try another cycle. If the autoclave still does not work properly, move on to the testing as follows

Temperature Sensor Test

Step 1: Disconnect temperature sensor harness from J12 on PC board.
Step 2: Place meter probes on red and white wires. [Set meter to 2K ohms Ω]

Acceptable Range is 1.07 to 1.1 ohms Ω
Testing the Midmark Temperature Sensor

If reading is out of acceptable range...Replace the Temperature Sensor

If reading is within acceptable range...Perform Supply Voltage Test

Temperature Sensor Supply Voltage Test

First, locate the Test Points TP2 & TP4 on your PC Board. Set your meter to 20 VDC

Step 1: Place meter probes on test points:

Black probe: TP2
Red probe: TP4

Acceptable Range is 4.0 to 6.0 VDC

If reading is out of acceptable range...Replace main PC board.

If reading is within acceptable range...Main PC board is functioning properly widget logo