Error Code E005

Shuts Down During Sterilization Cycle

Midmark M9 & M11 Error Code E005

Note: If you started receiving this error code E005 after replacing the Bellows or Steam Trap, check your bellows to make sure you did not install it backwards. The printing and direction arrow should point upwards toward the Water Reservoir

Service Note:  

Almost all E005 error codes come down to calibration.... but the standard 2.55 VDC that you have to calibrate to is usually a little high once the machines get a little older. Try bringing it down to 2.53 or 2.52 and verify with a Maximum Registering Thermometer. It usually does the trick.  The Maximum Registering Thermometer  is Included In the Midmark  Field Service Calibration Kit


Display/Symptom Cause What to Check
E005 - Excessive Pressure
(Pressure Exceeded 35psi)
Sterilizer is overloaded Reduce Load
  Bellows (or Steam Trap) is closing prematurely trapping air in the chamber Run a cycle while watching the Bellows inlet pipe in the Water Reservoir and listening to the air rushing through the Bellows. As the unit heats the water, you should hear the air coming through the Bellows get louder & louder

You will hear the tone of the rushing air going through the bellows start changing at about 202°F. and should stop at about 212-215°F. If the Bellows is closing at say...209 degrees, then it is trapping cold air inside the chamber and is the cause for the over pressurization. The Bellows or Steam Trap will need to be replaced
  Temperature probe is dirty or malfunctioning Clean Temperature Probe. If no change, unplug the Temperature Probe From The PC Board and Try another Cycle. If the error code goes away, then the Temperature Probe is defective and needs to be replaced
  Sterilizer potentiometers are out of calibration Recalibrate the Autoclave with our Midmark Calibration Kit
  Heating Element is not Turning On & Off Check to make sure your heater is turning on and off. You can check this by watching the display once you enter the count down cycle. You should heard the heater relay turn off, a loud click, and see the temperature drop a few degrees and then hear the heater relay turn on, another click and see the temperature rise. This cycle should happen every few minutes during the sterilization cycle
  You have a blockage in one of you copper lines going to the chamber Clear the Copper Tubing of any blockages widget logo