Midmark M9 & M11 Error Code E007

Display/Symptom Cause What to Check Solution
Error code 7
[Display pressure dropped below 24.5 psi (169 kPa)]
  1. Slow Pressure Leak
  2. Sterilizer Potentiometers out of Calibration and/or Dirty Temperature Sensor
  3. Temperature Sensor Malfunctioning
  1. Check For Pressure Leaks (Click Here for Instructions on How To Locate Pressure Leaks)
  2. Clean Temperature Sensor; then Check Calibration using Our Midmark Calibration Kit For Field Sevice
  3. Check Calibration using our Midmark Calibration Kit For Field Service
  1. Replace Malfunctioning Component at Pressure Leak
  2. Perform Temperature / Pressure Potentiometer Adjustment
  3. Replace Temperature Sensor Assembly