E009 - Door Does Not Open At End Of Cycle

Midmark M9 & M11 Error Code E009
Door Does Not Open At End Of Cycle


Display/Symptom Cause What to Check Solution
Error code 9

[Pressure exceeded 0.9 psi (6.2 kPa) during Dry cycle]

Door Does Not Open Automatically At The End Of Cycle

(Door Manually Opened on M9D & M11D Autoclaves)
  1. Latch Lever & Pulse Solenoid Plunger Mechanism Malfunctioning
  2. Door Pins and Latch Bracket not functioning properly
  3. Zero Pressure Potentiometer out of Calibration
  4. Door is closed when error is detected
  1. Perform M9/M11 Door Opening Test
  2. Check for burrs on Door Pins and Latch Bracket in Door
  3. Check Calibration of Zero Pressure Potentiometer
  4. Door was closed during Dry cycle
  1. Remove any debris or buildup from Latch Lever & Pulse Solenoid Mechanism
  2. Remove burrs; then Clean and Lube with Lithium Based Grease
  3. Adjust Zero Pressure Potentiometer
  4. Inform operator not to shut door during Dry cycle


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