Chamber Overfills With Water

Display/Symptom Cause What to Check Solution
Water Pouring Out When Door is Opened
  1. Water Level Sensor Inside Chamber is Malfunctioning or Dirty
  2. Loose, Broken, or Dirty Connection Between Chamber Water Level Sensor and Control PC Board
  3. Sterilizer is Not Level
  4. Ground Screw on PC Board Missing
  5. Temperature Sensor Malfunctioning
  6. Fill Solenoid Malfunctioning or Stuck
  7. Control PC Board Malfunctioning
  1. Unplug Sensor from PC Board & Jumper Connection on Board. Check for Proper Operation
  2. Perform Continuity Check Between Connector and Chanmber Water Level Sensor
  3. Make Sure Autoclave Is Level
  4. Check PC Board Ground Screw (Located on Lower Right Hand Corner on Board
  5. Unplug Temperature Sensor from PC Board Then Check for Proper Operation
  6. Check Resistance of Fill Solenoid
  7. Check all Probable Causes Listed Above
  1. Replace / Clean Water Level Sensor
  2. Replace / Clean Broken Wires or Connections
  3. Adjust Height of Individual Foot Levelers, or Shim Up Sterilizer to Make It Level
  4. Replace Ground Screw
  5. Replace Temperature Sensor
  6. Replace / Clean Fill Solenoid Valve
  7. Replace Control PC Board

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