How To Adjust the Midmark Dry Cycle Dip Switches

If your Midmark M9 or M11 Autoclave is stopping during the drying cycle and giving you the Error Code E001, then adjusting the drying time can sometimes solve the problem

Just follow these simple step-by-step directions

Midmark Dip Switch Settings
  1. Unplug power cord from outlet receptacle
  2. Remove right hand side panel
  3. NOTE: There are four repeat interval dip switch settings; setting #1, setting #2, setting #3, and setting #4. The unit comes factory set at the repeat interval setting #3. Setting #1 is shortest repeat interval, setting #2 is longer, setting #3 is longer yet, and setting #4 is the longest repeat interval

  4. If unit has has been overheating during the drying cycle and activating the overheat thermostat, determine the current repeat interval dip switch settings for the unit per the illustration on the right and then change the dip switch settings to the next shortest repeat interval
  5. Run a cycle. Repeat step 3 if overheat thermostat activates again
  6. Install right hand side panel
Note:This procedure only applies to units with a new style control PC board; units with serial numbers: CZ2457, DA1005, DB1150, DX1970, DY1139, ES1347, ET1095, FD-1000, FP1000, FR1000, GB1000 and OM-9449 thru Present. widget logo