How To Adjust The Drying Time on Midmark M11-020 thru 022


How To Set The Drying Time 

On Newer Midmark M9 & M11 Autoclaves With The Green LCD Screen

How adjust the drying time on your newer Midmark Autoclave

Setting The Drying Time on Newer Midmark (Green LCD Screen) Units is Easier Than Ever. 

Just follow these 4 simple Steps

Step 1:  Select The Desired Cycle (Unwrapped, Pouches, Etc)

Step 2:  Press The <P> Button

Step 3:  Adjust the Drying Time  Press <+> or <-> Button To Adjust The Drying Time

Easy Way To Set The Drying Time On Your Midmark Autoclave

Step 4:  Press The <P> Button .  The Setting Is Then Stored In Memory For The Selected Cycle.

Repeat These Steps for Other Cycles As Needed