Midmark Water Level Sensor Supply Voltage Test


If the Water Level Sensor on your Midmark M9 or M11 Autoclaves passed the Water Level Sensor Test and showing it is functioning properly, but the autoclave is still skipping the filling cycle, the next step is to test the Supply Voltage

How To Test The Midmark Water Level Sensor Supply Voltage

For this test, you will want the autoclave plugged in, and the right hand side panel removed to give you access to the PC Board

Step 1:

  1. Set your meter to 20VDC
  2. Plcae the Black Probe to TP2
  3. Place the Red Probe to TP3

The acceptable reading is between  4.0 & 6.0 VDC

  • If reading is out of acceptable range, Replace the Main PC Board
  • If reading is within the acceptable range, the Main PC Board is functioning Properly