1. Look For Steam Around The Door

If your Midmark M9 or M11 Autoclave is giving you an Error Code that can be caused by a Pressure Leak.....you are in the right place to find and fix the problem. Another AllClaveParts Exclusive !

Pressure Leaks
Look For Steam Leaking Around the Door On Midmark M9 & M11 Autoclaves

If your Midmark Autoclave has generated one of the following error codes, then it is possible you have a pressure leak

  • C534, C544, C573, C574, C575
  • C633, C634
  • C980, C981, C982, C983, C985

And this is the place to start

Run a cycle while you watch the front of the autoclave

If you see steam leaking from anywhere around the door on your Midmark Autoclave, then you have a "Pressure Leak" and it is causing your heating element to stay on at full force without cycling on and off trying to get to the preset temperature...and it can't do it.

This causes your overheat thermostat to cut the power to the heating element as a safety feature and that in turn generates the error code

Look For Steam Around The Door

The remedy is simple, replace the Door & Dam Gasket With one of our kits.

Look For Steam Around The Door

Click Here for the M9 Door & Dam Gasket Kit or Click Here for the M11 Door & Dam Gasket Kit

But, if the door stays sealed without any steam leaks, then you will want to move on to the next step

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