Testing Automatic Thermostats on the Midmark M7 Autoclave


How To Test The Automatic Over Heat Thermostats On Midmark M7 Autoclaves

Is Your Midmark Turning Off Before it Reaches The Set Temperature? Does The Heat Light go out and Then Come Back On a Short Time Later?

It could be the Over Heat Thermostat. Here Is How To Find Out

Testing The Automatic Over Heat Thermostats is Simply a Matter of Bypassing It (Taking It Out Of The Loop)

Tools/Supplies You Will Need To Perform This Test:

  1. A short piece of wire (approximatley 4 or 5 inches long)and
  2. (2) Aligator Clips (You can get them almost anywhere (Lowe, Home Depot, Walmart, etc)

Simple Automatic Thermostat Test

Here Is How To Test The Automatic Thermostat:

  1. Unplug The Unit From The Wall
  2. Drain The Water From The Water Reservoir
  3. Put An Aligator Clip On Each End Of The (Exposed) Wire
  4. Turn The Autoclave On It's Side To Give You Access To The Access Panel
  5. Remove The One Screw From The Panel, Then Remove The Panel &; Set It Aside
  6. Leave The Wires on The Terminals and Simply Attach The Clips To The Terminals
  7. Leaving the Clips & Wire In Place, Set The Unit Upright, Add Water To The Reservoir, And Start a Cycle Like You Normally Would
  8. If It Completes The Cycle...Then Replace The Thermostat. If Does Not Complete The Cycle...Then You Need To Move On To The Next Step In Troubleshooting
Simple Automatic Thermostat Test