Mineral buildup on chamber wall or water spots on chamber and contentsMinerals in water or on contentsClean with Omni Cleaner Plus following instructions on bottle. Scrub chamber with Bon Ami using a Scotch Brite pad and warm water.
Unit takes an excessive amount of time (over 15 to 20 minutes from a warm start) to reach required sterilization temperatureLoad is too large. Steam pushing out air too slowlyRemove some packages/articles for faster steam flow.
-Leak in ValvesRefer to " FAIL"
Packs still wet after drying cycleOverloaded chamberFollow loading instructions
-Incomplete dryingDuring dry cycle, leave door open approximately one-inch
-Fill line filter clogged or not properly installed, resulting in too much water remaining in chamberClean filter in ultrasonic cleaner. Adjust fill line to center bottom of chamber
Wet layer in packInadequate steam penetration due to tight pack wrtapping or condensation from packsInspect pack for proper steam penetration. Basins, kits and other utensils should be prepared as individual packs.
Water collects in bottom of Validator Plus when unit is not in FILL CycleLeaking Fill ValveClean Fill Solenoid
Unit drips water on counter when door is opened after cyclePossible damage to Rubber DamCheck Dam for proper adherence and shrinkage
Water comes out of fill opening on top of case when unit vents to reservoirReservoir overfilledDrain some water. Fill to bottom of cup
-Cracked Condensor Tube causing turbulence under fill openingReplace Condensor Tube
Unit will not turn onFuse BlownReplace fuses
-Switch is not turned onSwitch is on back of unit. Turn it on. AC line voltage can be measured on the switch pins by a voltmeter
-Defective Fuses Or Fuse HoldersCheck and/or replace Fuses or Fuse Holders
-Defective Switch Power Supply BoardCheck the S.P.S. board: D11, D12, D13 on Driver/Interface Board should be on. Voltage to ground:
TP1 +12V
TP2 -12V
TP3 +5V
Check the cable to the S.P.S. Board. If S.P.S. Board is bad, replace it
-Defective Ribbon CableReplace Ribbon Cable
-MPU Board does not workCheck the cable to the MPU Board first. If cable is okay, try another display module
Dark stains on instrumentsElectroplatingDo not mix dissimilar metals in the same package. Seperate carbon steel, aluminum, chrome and brass from stainless steel trays by using a tray liner (Refer to Validator Plus 8 and Validator Plus 10 Operator's Manual, YL3-9432717)
-Chlorine StainsDo not use toweling or packaging which may contain chlorine bleach residue
Chamber cracksChlorineNEVER use chlorine cleansers or materials in chamber. Wrapping materials should not be cleaned with chlorinated bleaches. Use only distilled water
Unit clicks, but no display; unit cutrs off intermittently in mid-cycleMalfunctioning Connector CableChange to dual-plug, four-pin connector cable (P/N 15 21 181) which goes from switching power supply to the drive PCB. The change will create a parallel connection on the power supply lines to correct corrosion problems
Door leaks On Validator Plus 10Lip of tray rest is in front of the water damPlace lip behind water dam
Instruments become rusted or stainedMinerals and metals in water or drum needs cleaningUse only distilled, deionized water for autoclaving. Clean and flush autoclave widget logo