Check Cassette 1

Check Cassette #1

Note: Before starting, verify that the Statim says Select A Program when turned on. All leaks should be corrected before proceeding with troubleshooting

What Caused the Error Message "Check Cassette #1"

This error is generated when the cassette temperature failed to reach 95°C in three minutes. This means the boiler is not heating up - Generally caused by no power to the boiler

What do you do when this happens?

  1. Check the Thermal Fuse. Using an ohmmeter, check for continuity between J1-3 on the board & the lower terminal on the boiler. If you read less than 1-ohm the thermal fuse is good. If thermal fuse checks good proceed to step 4, if bad replace the Thermal Fuse with and check unit for proper operation.
  2. Test Water Pump using the Water Pump Tester
  3. Check resistance reading between J1-3 & J1-4 pins on the board. Your meter should read approx. 11ohms
  4. Check for line voltage at terminals J1-3 & J1-4 on the board during warm up. If the reading is good proceed to step 5; if bad PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is defective and needs to be replaced
  5. Check for line voltage at boiler terminals.
  6. Check for large steam leak coming from Cassette Bay & Around Cassette. If leaking is present:
    • Remove Cassette Seal
    • Clean seal groove
    • Lubricate seal with soap
    If leakage continues, replace Cassette Seal
  7. Over-loaded Cassette Tray - Reduce load and try another cycle
  8. Inspect and clean steam ports on probe bracket (see Picture Below
Procedure Part Description Part Number For Statim 2000 Part Number For Statim 5000
1 Thermal Fuse Part #SCF006-377 SCF006-517
2 Water Pump Tester SCK024-384 SCK024-522
5 Liquid Soap RPS287-242 RPS287-507
5 Cassette Seal SCS001-241 SCS029-247

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