How To Stop The Statim Cassette From Whistling

Why is the Statim Cassette Whistling?

If you are experiencing an annoying whistle from your Statim Cassette while running a cycle, here is what you need to do to fix it.

Before proceeding, make sure the cassette seal is good and not leaking steam during the cycle, as a faulty seal can also cause it to whistle

In most cases, we have found the cause for the cassette whistling is due to a blockage (debris) inside the Cassette Venturi Plate.

Where to Find The Venturi Plate

The Venturi plate is located in the back of the bottom half of the cassette (inside the cassette) as shown in the picture below

Here is where the Venturi Plate is located

Here is a closeup of the Venturi Plate

This is a closeup of the Statim Cassette Venturi Plate

How To Clear The Venturi Plate of Debris

Simply blow compressed air through the hole and bottom ports as shown in the picture below. For dental offices, the syringe air in your operatory works well for this procedure

Clean the cassette thoroughly

Make sure all debris has been removed fom under the bottom of the Venturi Plate

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