Causes For Cycle Fault 25

Why The Statim Keeps Blowing Fuses

When you receive error code 25 on your Statim, it indicates the thermal fuse has "blown" and replacement is required.

But, before replacing the fuse, you need to find out what is causing the problem, or the fuses will continue to blow.

You can check for broken, loose, burned or charred wires to see if you have a short somewhere. But, this problem is most often caused by clogged filters on either, or both, sides of the water pump.


To clean the filters, use something like hemostats to clamp the line to stop the water from flowing, and then pull the water line tube off of the pump. There you will find the filter screen.

Simply remove it and clean it thoroughly. If you have an Ultrasonic Cleaner, just throw it in for a few minutes)

Next, there is an elbow fitting on the boiler side of the pump with the tubing leading to the boiler. Using a wrench, remove the elbow. The screen is located inside the elbow itself. Again, remove the screen, clean it thouroughly and reassemble.

If this does not correct the problem, the water pump itself is the most likely cause. To Test it, you will need our pump tester kit.

Something no Statim Owner should be without. We offer just the water pump tester kit by itself and also as part of our complete Statim Field Service Smart Kit. It includes the Pump Tester Kit and so much more!

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