Statim Cycle Fault 1

Cycle Fault 1 being displayed on your Statim indicates the cassette temperature failed to achieve 95 °C within a predetermined amount of time.

This is caused by one of two things happening:
  1. An extremely large steam leak

  2. This condition will be very visible and is usually caused by over loading the cassette. Remove the cassette and reduce the load, then try again.

    If the steam leak is not caused by over loading the casette, check the seal. Other procedures for finding a steam leak can be found here. If the Statim is not leaking steam, then the other cause for your Cycle Fault 1 Error Code is....

  3. No Power to the boiler.

    This is caused by a faulty thermal fuse. You can test and replace the thermal fuse by following our simple, step-by-step directions located here widget logo