How To Test The Midmark M7 Heating Element

How To Test The Midmark M7 Heating Element

This test consists of measuring the amount of resistance in the element. To do this, first, turn the autoclave off and unplug it from the wall


Set your volt/ohm meter on 200 ohms (200 NOT 200k). The ohms range is located within the Omega Ω (look for this symbol) section of your meter. It is also the area with "k" ranges (ie: 2000k,. 200k, 20K and then 2000, 200).

Place a probe from the volt/ohm meter on each terminal of the 2 terminals (# (8) in figure 4.6 below) on the element (it really doesn't matter which color probe goes where).

For the heating element to be good, it must fall within the resistance range in this table (between 10.80 and 13.20 ohms

If your reading is outside of this range, then it is defective and needs to be replaced.

Model Volts Watts Amps Resistance Resistance Range
Midmark M7 118v 1130 Watts 9.58 Amps ~12.0 ohms 10.80 13.20ohms

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