How To Test The Tuttnauer Power Switch

Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Intructions

Tools Needed:
  • A Continuity Tester or OHM Meter for This Test
  • A Screwdriver to Remove the Cabinet
Warning Make sure the autoclave is unplugged from the wall outlet during this entire procedure

What The Power Switch Does

Like any other switch, the switch when turned on makes an electrical connection and allows power to flow through onto the next components in line. When it is turned off, it simply breaks the connection.

Testing the Power Switch on Tuttnauer Autoclaves is easy. You will have to remove the cabinet to get to the back side of the switch

The Power Switch has 4 Terminals on the back side. They are separated into pairs by a plastic wall. Each side has a brass colored terminal and a silver colored terminal. One side is for the Power to come in, and the other side is for the power to go out.

Back Side of Tuttnauer Power Switch

Test Procedure

Lets get started:
  1. Set your Ohm Meter to the Continuity Setting
  2. Test each pair of terminals with the switch turned off, by placing one probe from your meter to one terminal (Brass Colored), and the other probe to the other terminal (Silver Colored) (It does not matter which colored probe goes where)
The Switch should not be continuous (the display read out will be the Number "1" (one) on a digital meter)...meaning there is no electrical connection and the power will not flow through it

Now turn the switch to the ON position and repeat the test above. This time, the switch should be continuous (the display read out will be a "0" (zero) on a digital meter, meaning the electrical connection is completed and power would be allowed to flow through it

If your Power Switch fails the test above, then it is defective, and will need to be replaced. Click Here and find and order the Power Switch For Your Tuttnauer Autoclave.

Replacing it is easy. And if you run into a problem, simply contact us and we will be happy to walk you through it widget logo