Testing Tuttnauer Heating Elements

Troubleshooting Guides for all Tuttnauer "E" Series Autoclaves - Including Models 1730E, 1730EK, 2340E,2340EA, 2340EK, 2340EKA, 2540E, 2540EA, 2540EH, 2540EHS, 2540EK, 2540EKA, 3870E, 3870EA, 3870EH, 3870EHS, EZ9 & EZ10)

How To Test Tuttnauer Heating Elements

Tuttnauer Heating Element


  1. After unplugging the unit, remove the cover
  2. Without removing any wires from the Heating Elements, take an ohm reading across the two terminals of any one Heating Element. Since the elements are all wired together you will be reading all of the elements as a group. If the group has a good reading then all the elements are good. To determine if the reading is good, follow this procedure:
    • Using the Ohm & Amp Readings Table below, locate the model of the sterilizer and compare your reading with that of the chart. The values from your meter can be + or – 10 % when compared to the table, any greater deviation and the elements will need to be checked individually.
    • After the initial reading across the terminals then a ground reading needs to be taken. To take a ground reading, again leave all the wires attached, check from one terminal of any heating element to chassis ground. Ideally when checking to ground there should be no reading at all. However a reading of 10-12 meg ohms is the lowest that would be acceptable and the heating elements still be considered good
  3. If the Heating Elements fail either one of these group tests then the Heating Element wires need to be removed and each element retested individually for both ohms and ground. The Ohm & Amp Readings Table has a separate column for individual heating element values. Remember when removing or installing wires on the Heating Elements always hold the terminal with a pair of pliers. This will avoid internal damage to the element from twisting the terminal.


Tuttnauer Heating Element(s) OHM and AMP READINGS

This table applies to the Tuttnauer "E" series autoclaves


1730E 120v 13 Ω 9.5 35-40 Ω
1730E 230v 48 Ω 4.8 145-150 Ω
1730EK 120v 9 Ω 13 30-35 Ω
1730EK 230v 38 Ω 6 110-115 Ω
2340E & 2340EA 120v 9-10 Ω 13 35-40 Ω
2340E & 2340EA 230V 35 Ω 6.5 140-145 Ω
2340EK & 2340EKA 230V 11.5 Ω 13 85-93 Ω
2540E & 2540EA 120v 9-10 Ω 13 35-40 Ω
2540E & 2540EA 230V 35 Ω 6.5 140-145 Ω
2540EK & 2540EKA 230v 21 Ω 11.5 85-93 Ω
3870E & 3870EA 230V 19 Ω 12 110-115 Ω
EZ9 120V 9-10 Ω 13 35-40 Ω
EZ10 120v 9-10 Ω 13 35-40 Ω
EZ10K 230V 21 Ω 11.5 85-93 Ω


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