Case Of The Deep Fired PC Board

Problems Our Clients Have Encountered & How They Resolved Them

The Case of The Deep Fried M11 PC Board


Interesting case this week. A client called to tell us his M11 stopped working, and he could not get it to even come on


He went on to tell me, that it had ran perfectly on the last cycle the night before

Thinking maybe a fuse had blown, we had him take off the right hand side panel so he could check the fuses on the board

We were all amazed to find that the area around the fuses on the board had been scorched and a relay on the pc board had melted

Thinking there had to be short somewhere, we had him start checking everywhere for an electrical part, broken or loose wire that could have caused the meltdown. But everything checked out okay

His office was in Florida where there were no electrical storms or lightening strikes that could have caused a power surge

So What happened?


Here's What Happened



As we all know, your autoclave needs to be on a dedicated circuit, with nothing else on it


Even so, some seem to think that this is just a ploy for them to spend more money...or just being overly cautious

Further investigation revealed there was another device on the circuit that was on at the same time the M11 was started

The extra device on the circuit drew away current from the autoclave causing the voltage to drop. When this happens, the internal power supply draws more current which increases the heat & damaging the PC Board and potentially other components

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