(image for) Cavitron® G132 BRAIDED TUBING (1/4" OD GRAY) (100 Ft)

Cavitron® G132 BRAIDED TUBING (1/4" OD GRAY) (100 Ft)

Model: RPT912-8611



Guaranteed High Quality Dentsply Cavitron Replacement Parts

Part #RPT912-8611

BRAIDED TUBING (1/4" OD GRAY) (100 ft. Box)
  • Box Included
  • Size: .150" ID x .250" OD PVC tubing with gray over braided sleeve
Fits: 1/4" Polyflo or 5/32" Barb

Model This Part Fits: Dentsply Cavitron® JET Plus™ - G132
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