(image for) Midmark G10 SOLIDS COLLECTOR (1-1/2")

Midmark G10 SOLIDS COLLECTOR (1-1/2")

Model: VPC136-9406



Guaranteed High Quality Midmark G10 Power Vac Replacement Parts

Part #VPC136-9406
Midmark Part #62937303; PVC50700/AVAVPF2; H5181/H5216


  • Ports: 1-1/2" FPT
  • Material: Black plastic body with clear plastic bowl
  • Includes: Bowl, Bowl Gasket (Part #VPG081) and Screen (20 Mesh) (Part #VPS140)
  • Also available: Screen (50 Mesh) (Part #VPS139), Solids Collector Replacement Kit (Part #VPK137) and Solids Collector Replacement Kit (Case of 8) (Part #VPK138)

Fits: Separator Assembly
Model This Part Fits:   
Midmark  Power Vac G10 Vacuums

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