Model: PCB001-272



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Part #PCB001-272
OEM Part #004048


Fits: Air Valve Housing

The Pelton Crane Magnaclave Bellows is strictly a mechanical device, designed to remove air from the chamber.

As long as air remains in the chamber, the temperature inside cannot get much past the boiling point (212°), there will be little or no pressure, and sterilization cannot take place.

Here's how the bellows works: As long as the bellows senses air, it remains open. But when it senses steam, it closes until it senses air again. It repeats this process until all air is removed from the chamber.

Once all of the air has been removed from the chamber, the bellows will remain closed until your autoclave enters the vent cycle (the vent cycle opens the chamber and air is allowed to re-enter - which in turn causes the bellows to re-open)

The bellows loses efficiency and does wear out over time and should be changed every 12 months. As you can see, if it malfunctions, your instruments will not be sterilized. So, don't wait for it to fail. Replace it on schedule

Order the Magnaclave Preventative Maintenance Kit - it includes this part and more!

Order the Magnaclave Bellows Kit - it includes this part and more!

Tech Tip: If it's been a while since the bellows was changed, getting the old bellows out of the back cap can be extremely difficult. Save yourself time and aggravation with a completely new install.

Don't Let This Happen To You:

"Thanks for getting everything to me so quickly, now I need another part. I broke the bellows off the old cap so I need a new cap, please send ASAP"

Order the Magnaclave Bellows Kit it includes the Bellows, the Bellows Cap & the Air Valve O-ring..... Everything you need for an easy & trouble free installation!

Click Here For The Bellows Installation Instructions



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