Statim Cassette Autoclave Maintenance

Properly maintaining your Statim Autoclave is the key to keeping it troublefree. The following are recommendations from the Factory

Statim Cassette Autoclave

  1. Cleaning The Interior Of The Cassette

      A layer of oil on the inside surface of the cassette can slow down the drying stage by allowing drops of water to hand on the walls.

      Wiping the lid and tray occassionaly with automatic dishwashing detergent or, better still, a small amount of dishwashing dryer agent will maintain a clean, hydrophillic surface.

  2. Cleaning The Outside Surfaces Of The Statim

      Use a soft cloth moistened with cleaning solution/disinfectant to clean all outisde areas. Do Not Use Solvents.

  3. Changing The Cassette Seal

      The seal must be changed if it starts to leak - indicated by a hissing sound. If the leak is large, the cycle may abort, showing "check cassette" on the display panel. This usually happens after 500 - 800 cycles.

      A large puddle of water under the machine may also indicate damage to the seal

      Click Here For Step-By-Step Instructions For Maintaining & Replacing The Statim Cassette Seal

  4. Changing The Air (Compressor) Filter

    The (compressor) air filter should be replaced every 3 months in order to maintain an adequate supply of clean air during the drying cycle.

    a) With the power off, remove the screw and circular plate on the back of the compressor

    b) Remove and Discard the foam filter

    c) Fit in the New Filter

    d) Reinstall the circular plate

    NOTE: If the copressor is too hot to touch or if the filter is wet, Contact Us before using the machine again

  5. Every 2 Years

    Every 24 months, you should replace widget logo