Factory Recommendations On How To Care For Your Autoclave

Tuttnauer Autoclave Cleaning and Maintenance

As Published By Tuttanuer

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CAUTION: Before starting, be sure that the electric cord is disconnected and that there is no pressure in the autoclave (unless otherwise instructed).


Clean door gasket with a mild detergent, water and a cloth or sponge.


  1. ONCE PER WEEK clean the Air Trap Jet by moving the clean out wire in and out ten times. (The Air Jet is located in the water reservoir.It is best cleaned while the unit is running (20-30 psi), although this is not mandatory).

  2. For Electronic models clean the water sensor in the rear of the chamber with a damp cloth or sponge. (cleaning the dirt off the sides of the sensor is more important than the tip)

  3. Once per week clean the chamber with Chamber Brite. Sprinkle the Chamber Brite powder along the bottom of a cold autoclave chamber (if the unit is HOT fill with water first). Run a normal sterilization cycle without drying.

    Drain and flush the solution from reservoir and discard.Wipe the inside of chamber with water and a damp cloth or sponge. Fill the reservoir with distilled water. (Check the Chamber Brite package for further details).

    For "M" & "MK'models - Turn knob to fill to flush the fill tube at the back of the chamber.

    For "Automatic"models -Operate manual water fill button to flush the fill tube.

  4. Clean tray holder and trays with detergent, or a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner and water, using a cloth or sponge. DO NOT use steel wool, a steel brush or bleach.
  5. Put a few drops of oil on the door hinge pin and door tightening bolt.

  6. Clean outside of the unit with a soft cloth.

Every Two Months

Clean and check the safety valve.

Safety Valve Cleaning Procedure

In order to prevent the safety valve from becoming blocked, it is necessary every 2 months, under ordinary usage, to allow the steam pressure to escape through the valve.

  1. Begin a normal sterilization cycle according to manual instructions.

  2. Allow a pressure of approximately 30 psi to build up in the chamber.

  3. Turn the unit off.
  4. Remove water reservoir cover.

    CAUTION: This next step will expose you to HOT STEAM. To avoid being burned by hot steam, do not place your face over the safety valve.

  5. Pull the ring of the safety valve using a screwdriver,hook,or other tool and open the safety valve for only 2 seconds, then release.

  6. For manual units turn the multivalve into the exhaust position and allow all the pressure to vent before opening the door.
  7. For electronic units turn the power on and press the Stop Button to abort and vent the cycle

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