Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Autoclave

Yes, you can easily perform the maintenance procedures on your autoclave and keep it in performing at its best.... and in most cases, it takes only a few minutes to do.

The amount of money you save off the cost of having a service technican come to your office to perform the task, can easily pay for the parts needed

"How To Take Care Of Your Autoclave And Make it Last
By Replacing Critical Components.....On Schedule"

Tip: It is always a good idea to have someone within your practice designated to provide the maintenance, care and repair of your autoclave: be it Yourself Or a Member of your Staff.

How To Stop Problems Before They Occur

"Failing To Perform Preventative Maintenance Is The Leading Cause Of Autoclave Failure"

Every autoclave has regular Preventative Maintenance Routines, and it is critical they be performed at the times as specified by the manufacturer. Like changing the oil in your car, they have to be done on a regular basis.

The parts involved are.....

YES Door Gaskets (or seals)
YES The Bellows Assembly, Or Steam Trap and
YES Filters

WARNING: Waiting for these parts to fail before replacing them means: when they do fail,
the instruments being autoclaved will not be sterilized!

And, failing to do do these procedures as specified, always leads to major, more expensive problems, somewhere down the line. If you don't know what the procedures are, we are happy to tell you what is specified by the manufactuer of your autoclave and walk you through the entire process.

Kits Make It Easy

preventative Maintenance Kits
To make it easy for you, we have put together Preventative Maintenance Kits For Most Makes & Models containing everything you need to get the job done. Just click on the link for your make and model of autoclave from the menu at the top of the page to find yours

Keep a record of when the Preventative Maintenance is performed so you can stay on schedule

Tip: While "check sheets" are fine, they usually end up in a drawer or file cabinet somewhere and forgotten about.

We have found the best practice is to take a label (like a shipping label) and write down the date along with a list of the preventative maintenance procedures performed.

Then stick the label somewhere on the autoclave where it will be readily noticeable. This Practice will remove any guess work and will serve as a constant reminder of when the procedures need to be performed again

Here's another Tip: To save time and avoid frustration, try not to wait until the last minute to order the maintenance items for your autoclave. The best practice is to order 2 sets, and then order again when you use the last one. This way, you will always have a spare on hand and will never be rushed to order.

If You Hate Paying Outrageous Overnight Charges To Get The Parts You Need

What would you pay to get your autoclave up and running immediately when it breaks down?

For parts with a predictable life span, you should have replacements on hand, ready to go. So when (not if) it happens, you will be back up and running in no time.

In addition to the normal preventative maintenance items; this would include things like

YES Switches
YES Fuses
YES Thermostats.
YES Heating Elements

It is also advisable to have spare Rebuild kits for Valves & Solenoids on hand if applicable for your autoclave.

Here's the thing. By keeping spares in your office, when you need it will have it yesterday!

And the overnight charges you save, will pay for most of the parts you keep as spares. Plus, with our Free Shipping Program, you save even more!

Simply replace them as you use them and, you will always be prepared.....

Make Sure Your Autoclave Is In Good Hands At All Times....Yours!

By completing the repairs yourself:

YES You Won't Have To Wait For A Technician To Come And Take Your Autoclave Away!
YES You Won't Have To Box It Up And Ship It, Or Pay The Freight Both Ways!
YES You Won't Have To Wait For An Outrageous Turnaround Time!
YES You Won't Be Out Of Business Waiting For The Repair To Be Completed!

Simply use our free guides and support to determine the parts you need and then place your order. We'll get them out to you right away. And then once you have the new parts, we'll walk you through the installation process if you need us to

We Want To Help

If you need help In locating a problem or identifying a part, simply Contact Us ! We are here to help you

If for any reason you don't want to tackle the repair, we are more than happy to do it for you. Just box it up and ship it to us. Click Here For A Printable Work Order

Imagine the sense of accomplishment you will feel when you are able to fix your autoclave. It really is a great feeling!

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Customer Reviews - Real Help With Your Autoclave Repair When You Need It

"My Statim 2000 stopped working.

Benco dental came down and said the thermal fuse and computer board was bad

Real Problems Solved By Dr Gorenburg With AllClaveParts help

Wally, thank you and your company for providing great customer service and all the help I needed to fix my autoclave.

Dr Haruki & Son

My tech told me my STATIM 2000 repair could either be about $350 (if it was only the thermal fuse) or up to $1500 if it was another problem.

Craig Haruki DDS
Lihue, HI

Dr Whitehouse Loves
"It was a pleasure working with Wally who saved me thousands over what I would have had to pay when the Patterson tech......"

Dr Joseph Whitehouse
Castro Valley, CA
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Dr Steve Says Midmark Told Him To Throw It Away, But AllClaveParts Showed Him How To Fix It Well, that same autoclave is once again working like a champ thanks to

Steve Douglas, DDS
Indianapolis, IN

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