Midmark M11 DOOR SWITCH ASSEMBLY (Fits Models M11-020 thru -022)

Midmark M11 DOOR SWITCH ASSEMBLY (Fits Models M11-020 thru -022)

Model: MIS095-4035



High Quality Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #MIS095-4035
Midmark Part #015-1556-00


  • Includes 11-1/2" lg. wires with 3/16" Quick Connect Terminals
  • 5A @ 250VAC; SPDT
  • See Notes below for Serial #'s this part fits

Fits: Latch Bracket

Model This Part Fits: Midmark M11 Autoclaves


  • Fits M11-020 thru -022 with Serial # prefixes RS, RT, RV & V
  • Fits M11D-020 thru -022 with Serial # prefixes RY, RZ & V
How The Midmark M11 Door Switch Works

During the Fill, Heat-Up, & Sterilization Modes... When a cycle is initiated, the PC board monitors the status of the door switch.

If an open door is detected, the cycle will not start.

If the door switch opens during a cycle, the cycle will be terminated and the corresponding error code will appear in the display.

During the Vent, & Drying Modes... The Midmark M11 Door Switch is not monitored


  • When the door is open, the door switch is untripped....the circuit is open (Connection Is Broken)
  • When the door is closed, the door switch is tripped....the circuit is closed (Connection Is Completed)
How To Test The Midmark M11 Door Switch

Note The door switch must be tested with the door OPEN and CLOSED

Door Switch Test

  1. Disconnect two door switch wires from J1 & J2 of main PC board
  2. Place meter probes on door switch wires (Set meter to 200 ohms (Ω)
  3. With Door Closed
    • Range: 0.05 to 0.2
  4. With Door Open
    • Range: OL

If reading is out of acceptable range...Replace door switch.

If reading is within acceptable range...Door Switch is functioning properly.


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