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Model: MIF091-4023



High Quality Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair Parts
The Midmark M11 Fan Assembly is located here
Part #MIF091-4023
Midmark Part #015-1368-00


  • 115VAC; 50/60Hz.
  • 3.15" H x 3.15" L x 1.50" W
  • Aluminum, black finish
  • Ball bearing construction
  • 3000 RPM
  • .02" x .11" Lug Terminals
  • See Notes below for Serial #'s this part fits

Fits: Back Panel

Model This Part Fits: Midmark M11 Autoclaves


  • Fits M11-020 thru -022 with Serial # prefixes RS, RT, RV & V
  • Fits M11D-020 thru -022 with Serial # prefixes RY, RZ & V

How To Test the Midmark M11 Fan Assembly

Testing The Midmark M11 Fan is Easy! You simply test it for continuity

  1. Disconnect the two wires from fan
  2. Using an Ohm Meter (or Continuity Tester) Set on 200ω ohms, place a lead on each terminal of the fan
  3. If you have continuity, then the fan is good. If Not, then the fan is defective and needs to be replaced

If the fan checks out good and is not coming on when the autoclave is running, then you will need to check the fan thermostat.

How To Replace The Midmark M11 Fan

1.Disconnect wires from fan.

2.Remove screws and fan.

3.Position fan, secure with screws.

4.Connect wires to fan.

Click here & Scroll Down the Page for Instructions On How to Check The Fan Thermostat

M11 Fan Thermostat Assembly
M11 Fan Thermostat Assembly



"Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair Made Simple™"



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