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Model: MIK080-808



Guaranteed High Quality Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair Parts

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Part #MIK080-808
Midmark Part #002-0504-00 (The Midmark Part Number is for Door & Dam Gasket Only)


Preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures of your autoclave. Replacing the parts included in this kit at least once per year will help to prevent the failure of equipment before it actually occurs.

Note: Visual Checks are not enough! Shrinkage as well as wear & tear can be small enough that you can't see it, while at the same time large enough to cause damage. Don't take shortcuts, replace all of the components included in this PM Kit

This kit is designed to preserve and enhance your autoclave's reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail, and prevent costly down time

This PM Kit has every thing you need including:

Model This Part Fits: Midmark M11 Autoclaves

So, where's the wire?

The original Midmark Door Gaskets require a wire to hold them in place - ours do not....Because they are not needed with our New & Improved Midmark M11 Door Gaskets!

When you order one of ours, you can throw the wire away (using the wire on one of our door gaskets will cause a leak). All you need is our Door Gasket

Installation Instructions Can be Found Under Each Component Listing and Is Also Included With The PM Kit

To Complete The Preventative Maintenance Program, You will Also Need To Do The Following:

  • Check the reservoir and clean if dirt or debris are present (Note: Debris is the number one reason for Steam Trap/Bellows failure)
  • Refill reservoir with distilled water only
  • Conduct a temperature check using our Max Register Thermometer RPT113-838
  • Conduct a pressure check to identify any leaks that may need to be addressed
  • If calibration is necessary, use what the professionals use: Our Field Service Calibration Kit MIK074-806

Click Here For A Printable Midmark M11 PM Check List. Be sure to keep the completed checklist for future scheduling and for inspections



Wally, just wanted to follow up with you. I received your gasket kit and installed it.

The material itself feels better, and the gasket fits much tighter. I can certainly appreciate it is a better product than the one I had. My error code has not reappeared and the door seals tight. I never imagined that there could be such a quality difference in a gasket. I had bought the previous one on eBay and it was useless! Big waste of money. Thanks again for the great service you provide!

Dietmar Kennel DDS Pediatric Dentist Lubbock, Texas



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