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Midmark M11D Ultraclave DOOR & DAM GASKET KIT

Model: MIG028K-7521



Midmark M11D Autoclave Parts -  Guaranteed High Quality

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Part #MIG028K-7521
OEM Part #002-0508-00

Midmark M11D Door & Dam Gasket Kit


Fits: Door

Model This Part Fits: Midmark M11D Autoclave

So, where's the wire?

The original Midmark Door Gaskets require a wire to hold them in place - ours do not....Because they are not needed with our New & Improved Midmark M11D Door Gaskets!

When you order one of ours, you can throw the wire away (using the wire on one of our door gaskets will cause a leak). All you need is our Door Gasket

Save Money & Avoid Costly Breakdowns....Get The Midmark M11D Ultraclave Preventative Maintenance Kit Part #MIK080-5894. It includes these parts plus everything else you need for anual preventative maintenance as recommended by Midmark

How To Install The Midmark M11D Dam Gasket


Note: The AllClaveParts Dam Gasket is now made of a “softer” material for better flexibility!


  1. Place the Dam Gasket into the groove of the Door Gasket so that the Dam Gasket touches the Door Plate Studs
  2. Align the slots located on the back side of the Dam Gasket (see Figure A for location of slots) with the Door Plate Studs
  3. Then using a nutdriver, push against the front side of the Dam Gasket so that the Door Plate Studs protrude through the front side of the Dam Gasket (see Figure B). This will secure the Dam Gasket in place

IMPORTANT: To ensure that the door will open/close properly, the Dam Gasket must lie flat against the Door Plate – there must be no gaps.








Midmark M11D Door Gasket Installation Instructions




  1. Remove the old door gasket.
  2. Clean the gasket groove in the door, and chamber face.
  3. For easy installation of the new gasket,use the “South-East-West-North” method (i.e. begin installing the gasket at the bottom of the door, then install the left and right sides and finishing at the top by squeezing in any of the excess making sure that the gasket fits flush).



Door Gasket Installation





"Midmark M11D Autoclave Repair Made Simple™"



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