How To Remove And Install The M9 Fill Solenoid Valve

Midmark M9 Fill Solenoid Removal / Installation Instructions

NOTE Steps will vary slightly for M9D units. Use this procedure as a guide.


NOTE Units prior to serial number CZ1110/OM1000 have a manifold assembly which secures the fill solenoid.

Refer to the parts list to remove the fill solenoid on these sterilizers.

  1. Drain water from condensing tank.
  2. Remove back panel ( See Instructions Here ).
  3. Tag and disconnect two wires (1, Figure Below) from terminals (3).
  4. Tag and disconnect two wires (2) from terminals (4).
  5. Disconnect three tubes (5 thru 7) from elbows (8 thru 10).
  6. Remove two screws (11) from bottom of manifold assembly (12).

  7. NOTE: Spacer (12A) is only on newer units.

  8. Remove manifold assembly (12) and spacer (12A) from base (13).
  9. Hold screw (1, Figure 4-13) and loosen nut (2). Turn terminals out of the way.
  10. Remove assembled vent solenoid (3) and elbow (4) from tee (5).
  11. Remove elbow (6) and tee (5) from fill solenoid (7).
  12. Remove elbow (8) from fill solenoid (7)


  1. Coat threads of tee (5, Figure Below) and elbows (6 and 8) with teflon tape.
  2. Install elbow (8) on fill solenoid (7).
  3. Install elbow (6) and tee (5) on fill solenoid (7).
  4. Loosen nut (9). Turn terminals of fill solenoid (7) so wires will connect easily to fill solenoid. Tighten nut (9).
  5. Coat threads of elbow (4) with teflon tape.
  6. Hold screw (1) and loosen nut (2). Turn terminals out of the way.
  7. Install assembled elbow (4) and vent solenoid (3) on tee (5).
  8. Turn terminals of vent solenoid (3) so wires will connect easily to vent solenoid.
  9. Hold screw (1) and tighten nut (2).

  10. Warning: When installing the vent solenoid and the fill solenoid, the side of the solenoids marked "IN" need to be connected to the pressure lines. Reversing solenoids will cause system failure.

  11. Install spacer (12A, Figure 4-12) and manifold assembly (12) on base (13) and secure using two screws (11).
  12. Connect three tubes (5 thru 7) to elbows (8 thru 10).
  13. Connect two wires (2) to terminals (4).
  14. Connect two wires (1) to terminals (3).
  15. Install back panel (Refer to para 4.5).
  16. Refill condensing tank with distilled water.

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