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How To Know For Sure If The Bellows On Your M7 is Faulty

How To Know For Sure If The Bellows On Your M7 is Faulty

Simple Bellows Test

Is the bellows faulty? When the temperature range stays between 210° & 212° it is indicative of a faulty bellows

To confirm it is the bellows: Easy Way To See If The Bellows Is Faulty On Your Midmark M7
  1. Remove the cabinet by removing the 3 screws on each side of the autoclave. Then simply lift it off
  2. Now remove the lid off of the water reservoir so you can see the pipe inside the water reservoir coming from the bellows
  3. Run a cycle
  4. When it gets to 210° look at the end of the pipe inside the reservoir
  5. If you see steam coming out of the pipe, then the bellows is faulty and will need to be replaced
We offer two types of replacement bellows. The Diaphragm Style RCB089-787 and The Bellows Style RCB100-849. The Bellows Style, while more expensive, is designed to last longer.

Replacing the Bellows is also simple

  1. Using a 1/2" open-end wrench, remove the nuts from each side of the bellows (disconnecting the pipes from the bellows assembly)
  2. Install the new bellows with the Flow Arrow Pointing up to the water reservoir, reconnecting the pipes with the open end wrench
  3. Run a cycle and make sure you do not have any leaks at the connection points
You are done...and you have saved the cost of a service call!