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Model: PCB001-078



Guaranteed High Quality Pelton Crane OCR Autoclave Parts

Part #PCB001-078
Pelton Crane Part #004048


Fits: Bellows Air Valve Housing

Model This Part Fits: Pelton Crane OCR Autoclaves

Order the Bellows Kit - it includes this part and a New Back Cap! Part #PCK224-113

Order the PM Kit - it includes this part and more! Part #PCK219-112

What the OCR Autoclave Bellows Does

As long as there is air in the chamber, the OCR Autoclave cannot reach the super heated temperatures necessary for sterilization to take place

The OCR uses the "Bellows Assembly" to remove the air from the chamber. It is a simple operation.

When the Bellows senses air, it remains contracted and allows air to pass through and into the water reservoir. When it senses steam, it extends and the point on the end fits into a hole at the end of the air valve housing, effectively sealing the chamber and the pressure will start building

Click Here For The Bellows Installation Instructions







Pelton Crane OCM Bellows Assembly



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