Model: PCK219-162



Guaranteed High Quality Pelton Crane Parts Autoclave

Part #PCK219-162
OEM Part #004341/PM KIT




"Do You Want Your OCR To Last Another 25 Years?"
"Lack Of Preventative Maintenance Is the Leading Cause Of OCR Failures!"
Make Your Autoclave Last.....Add The OCR Preventative Maintenance Kit To Your Shopping Cart Now!

This Preventative Maintenance Kit Includes Everything Pelton Crane Recommends For Replacement At Least Every 12 months We provide full support for everything we sell, so if you need help installing any of these components...simply contact us. We are always happy to walk you through it, Step-By-Step




Tools Needed To Complete The Procedure: None

Difficulty Level: Easy

Average Time To Complete the Procedure: 15-20 minutes

Average Total Cost If Performed By Technician: $225 to $300 (Depending On Location)

Model This Part Fits: Pelton Crane OCR Autoclave


Step-By-Step Installation Instructions



Sterilizer PM Kit (Part #PCK219-162)
OCR Sterilizer Preventative Maintenance Kit
Part Number Description How To Replace
PART #PCG015-100 Door Gasket Remove the old door gasket. Clean the gasket
groove and chamber face ring surface.

For easy install of the new gasket, use the
"star" or "North-South-East-West" method
(ie. begin installing the gasket at the top of
the door, then the bottom, then the left side,
then the right side, and then everything in
between making sure that the gasket fits
flush without bumps or gaps).
Part # PCB001-078

Part #RPO354-153
Unscrew the bellows cap through the
access port at the rear of the sterilizer or
remove sterilizer cover.

Clean out air valve housing. Use a cotton swab to clean the seat. Install the new bellows with the new o-ring, do not overtighten the bellows cap.
PART # PCF009-096 Filter Fill Line (Chamber) Remove all trays from the chamber. Remove the chamber filter. Clean chamber.

Install new filter making sure that the it is placed at the bottom and center of the chamber.
  Reservoir Drain and clean the reservoir if necessary.
Refill with distilled water only.
  OCM Sterilizer After replacing the PM parts:
  1. Conduct a temperature check using a Max Register Thermometer Part #RPT113-3699
  2. Conduct a pressure check to identify any leaks that may need to be addressed.



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