Free National Appliance (Napco) 7004-9000 Operational Manual

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National Appliance 704-9000 Operational Manual

Easy Steps To Autoclaving

Steril - Quick

Model 704-9000-D
With CPP (Continuous Pressure Purge)

Step 1

Open The Door By Turning The Handle Counter-Clockwise And Swing Yoke Off The Door Bar Remove Contents From Chamber

Step 2

Check Data Plate On Unit For Proper Voltage. Make Sure Power & Timer Switch Are In The Off Position. Plug Cord Set Into Electrical Outlet

Step 3

See Water (H20) Level Indicator On The Bottom Of The Shelf In Autoclave Chamber Add Water (H20)

Step 4

Load The Autoclave Tray. Pack Loosely To Obtain Evenly Distributed Flow Of Steam Around And Through The Packs

Step 5

It Is Recommended That A Steam Clox Sterilization Indicator Be Used With Each Load. Insert Sterilization Indicator Into Pack And Slide Tray Onto Shelf In Autoclave Chamber

Step 6

Close Door And Tighten Securely

Step 7

Set Temperature Control To Center Of Dial Position (Position 4). This Position Will Set Thermometer Pointer In The Red Area On The Face Of The Thermometer At About 127°C (260°F)

Turn Switch To Autoclave Only
Turn Power On

Step 8

From A Cold Start It Takes About 15 Minutes To Warm Up The Chamber To Autoclaving Temperature Set Timer For 10 Minutes

Step 9

When Temperature Light Goes Out, The Chamber Has Reached The Pre-Set Temperaure


Set Timer To Desired Autoclaving Time. If Temperature is Too Low, Set Temperature Control To A Higher Number (See Step 7). The Temperature Light Will Flash On And Off, At Intervals, During The Cycle, Indicating The Heater Is Going On And Off. The Autoclave Will Purge During The Cycle. Refer To Suggested Autoclaving Techniques Located In The Back Of The Book. This Chart Is Detachable And May Be Placed On The Wall Near The Autoclave.

Step 11

At The End Of The Pre-Set Time, The Autoclave Will Automatically Vent And Shut Off The Heating Element. Allow Temperature To Decrease To At Least 83°C (200°F) Before Opening The Door. Open The Door And Leave Ajar

Step 12

  1. To Operate Drying Cycle Turn Toggle Switch To Dryer Only. Make Sure Door Is Slightly Ajar Throughout Drying Cycle
  2. Turn Temperature Dryer Control To Position 1
  3. Set Timer For 15 Minutes. The Time Light Will Come On And The Temperature Light Will Stay Off
  4. When Timer Turns Off Check Contents And Remove If Dry. Use A Higher Drying Temperature If Desired But Use Caution To Avoid Scorching Contents

Step 13

Before The Next Cycle, Drain The Condensor Tank. This Tank Should Be Drained After Each Cycle And The Chamber Should Be Filled As Illustrated In Step 3

Step 14

Star Next Cycle By Repeating Steps 1 Through 7

Be Sure To Check The Water (H20) Level Before Setting The Timer

Step 15

After The First Run, The Unit Is Warmed Up And For Subsequent Runs You Can Set The Timer To Combine Warm-Up And Autoclave Time. The Unit Will Reach Sterilization Temperature In Approximately 10 Minutes

Click Here To Download A Free Copy For Your Own Reference (pdf format)