Replacing The Stryker 840 Cast Cutter Rear Bearing

To replace the Rear Bearing, you will need to partially disassemble the Cast Cutter first.

How To Disassemble the Stryker 840 Cast Cutter To Replace The Rear Bearing

Stryker 840 broken Down Into Sections

Disassembling the cast cutter is easy.

Notice the enhanced seam in the picture below

Separating The Front of The Cast Cutter From The Rear

Start by removing the 3 screws from the back end of the cast cutter that hold it together as shown in the picture below

Remove These 3 Screws

Note: The screws are easy to break off. When they break, it is the heads of the screws that break off (the weakest part of the screw). Carefully remove as many as you can. Then separate the back end from the body of the cast cutter, lifting the back end over the broken screws as shown in the picture below

Picture of Rear Housing With Screws Broken Off

Removing the broken screws is easy. Simply grab the remaining studs with vice grips and turn them counter clockwise as shown in the picture below. They will come out easily

Use Vice Grips to Turn The Broken Screws

The Rear Bearing is Located on the Rear of the Armature Assembly

You Are Now Ready To Replace The Rear Bearing Part #STB005-6120 widget logo