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Cycle Fault 1

Cycle Fault 1

Statim Cycle Fault 1

The cassette temperature failed to reach 95°;C within a time-out period



LCD Message Things To Check
The steam generator/boiler did not heat up.
The cassette temperature (~95-102°) was not reached within ~3 minutes (or within the time out period).
  • The Most probable cause is a blown Thermal Fuse, Resulting in No power to boiler.   Test Thermal Fuse For Continuity
    • If Continuous, Fuse is Good...Move on to Next Possible Cause
    • If Not continuous, Fuse is Bad..Replace Thermal Fuse
  • An extremely large steam leak. Can be caused by over loading the cassette
  • Can Also Be Caused By A Faulty Steam Generator Triac