(image for) Stryker 840 Cast Cutter MOTOR BRUSH

Stryker 840 Cast Cutter MOTOR BRUSH

Model: STB002-6118



Guaranteed Quality Stryker Cast Cutter Saw Parts

Part #STB002-6118
Stryker Part #870-1-13, 940-1-113 (Brush only), 38-49 (Spring only)


  • 2 per package
  • Size: 3/16" x 3/16" x 1/2" long
  • Spring length: 1.000"
  • Includes Both A New Spring & Brush

Fits: Brush Holder Assembly

Model This Part Fits: Stryker 840 Cast Cutter

Replacing the Motor Brushes is easy.

  1. Insert a standard screwdriver into the slot on the Motor Brush Cap and turn it counter-clockwise
  2. Remove the Motor Brush Cap, the metal top cap, the spring and the old brush (turn the cast cutter over and lightly tap the housing and the parts will fall out
  3. Insert the new Motor Brushes into the opening, replace the Motor brush Caps into the openings and screw them down until tight

That's it! Your are ready to go back to work

Note: The Motor Brush Caps are made of plastic, it is a good idea to replace them at the same time as the Motor Brushes. You can find them by clicking Here Part #RPC039-6115


The Stryker 840 Cast Cutter has two motor brushes & caps (one on each side) - See the picture below

Here is where you access the motor brushes on the Stryker 840 Cast Cutter

This is what it looks like after all of the motor brush parts have been removed

Picture after motor cap & brush has been removed on the Stryker 840 cast cutter
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