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Validator TroubleShooting Guide


Validator TroubleShooting Guide

Your Guide To Maintaining & Repairing The Pelton Crane Validator 8 & 10 Sterilizers

Validator Troubleshooting

Symptom Analyze Remedy
Mineral Build Up Inside Chamber Type Of Water That Is Being Used Clean Inside Of Chamber Thoroughly - Refill Using Distilled Water
Sterilizer Takes Over 15-20 Minutes (From a Warm Start) To Reach Set Sterilization Temperature Chamber Load

Line Voltage

Solenoid Valves
Place Fewer Packages Inside Chamber
Replace If Necessary (Part # PCB001)

If Line Voltage Is Too Low Plug Into Outlet With Proper Voltage - Contact Qualified Electrician.

Refer To Panel 5 (Water Reservoir Leak Identification To Identify LeaksClean Inside Of Chamber Thoroughly
Displayed Temperature Stays Considerably Below Required Temperature For Sterilization Cycle Ribbon Cable


Dump Valve. Refer To Panel 5 (Water Reservoir Leak Indentification)
If Necessary Replace Ribbon Cable (Part # PCC108)

If Necessary Replace Bellows (Part # PCB001)

If Necessary Clean Dump Valve And/Or Replace Valve Kit (Part # PCK106). See Panel 8
Wet Packs After Drying Cycle Is Complete Or Wet Packs Between Layers Chamber Load

Fill-Line Filter Condition & Position On Chamber Floor
Break Sterization Load Into Fewer Or Smaller Packs/Wraps For Proper Steam Sterilization.Crack Door Open - 1" During Drying Cyle.

Replace Fill-Line Filter And/Or Adjust Filter To Center Bottom Of Chamber (Part # PCF009)
Water In Bottom Of Sterlizer When Unit Is Not In Fill Cycle Fill Valve Clean Fill Valve And/Or Replace Valve Kit (Part # PCK102). See Panel 8
Water Dripping From Door When Door Is Opened After Cycle Spacer (Door) Check Spacer For Shrinkage Or Damage. Replace If Necessary (Part # PCS 067)
When Unit Vents, Water Comes Out Of Fill Port On Top Of Case Water Level Inside Reservoir Drain Water To The Bottom Holes Of Fill Cup
Sterilizer Fails Several Self-Tests, But Still Operates Cable Connections Make Sure Cable Connectors At Front Panel And Power Board Are Good
Sterilizer Does Not Turn On Cable And On/Off Switch (Power LED On Power Supply Board Should Be Illuminated) Check MicroProcessor Board On/Off Switch And Cable With Ohm Meter To Verify Continuity*
If Switch & Cable Pass Test, Replace Power Supply Board
Sterilizer Does Not Switch Modes Gap Between Panel Membrane And Switches Mounted On Micro-Processor Board Check Between MicroProcessor Board And Panel Membrane For Washers Or Materials Causing Incorrect Separation. Replace MicroProcessor Board If Not Correctable.

Self-Diagnostic Check

The Validator Sterilizer will perform a self-diagnostic test on 8 key components. Start the test by depressing and holding the START/CLEAR switch while you depress, then release the POWER switch. The sterilizer will beep once, indicating the beginning of the self-diagnostic procedure. Use the table below for description of tests.

Sequence Number Display Checked Components Verifying Operational Function
1 GO/NO Pressure Sensor On Temperature PCB Continuity*
2 GO/NO Steam Sensor Continuity* Oem Units Will Fail If Temperature at Sensor Is Colder Than 20 degrees centigrade. Allow Sterilizer To Warm-Up and Repeat Test
3 GO/NO Surface Continuity*
4 Blue Window Display of kPA/C/Min Seven Segment Display Is Checked
5 Panel LEDs Cycle and Program/Power Indicator Lights Illumination Of Indicator Lights
6 GO/NO Vent Solenoid Vent Solenoid Operation and Continuity*. (Displays GO Even If Solenoid Sticks Check That Plunger Activiates)
7 GO/NO Fill Solenoid Fill Solenoid Operation and Continuity*.(Displays GO Even If Solenoid Sticks Check That Plunger Activiates)
8 GO/NO Dump Solenoid Dump Solenoid Operation and Continuity*.(Displays GO Even If Solenoid Sticks Check That Plunger Activiates)
*Continutity Definition: An Electrical Test For Determining Whether An Electrical Connection Is Broken.

To test, (with the unit unplugged) set your volt/ohm meter on ohms Ω Place a lead on each of the contact points. If the needle on an analog meter doesn't move (stays to the left), component is bad and replacment is required. If it approaches zero, component is good. On a digital meter, if the read out is "1" component is bad. If approaching zero, component is good.