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Model: VPK018-8139



High Quality VACSTAR 40 Vacuum Replacement Parts

Part #VPK018-8139


  • Includes all parts as shown

When servicing the solenoid valve, you now have a choice to replace the entire valve or just repair it with Our New Solenoid Valve Repair Kit.

Also available: Solenoid Valve Assembly Part #VPV036-8144

Fits: Water Control Solenoid Valve

Model This Part Fits: VacStar 40 Vacuum Systems

How To Install The VacStar Solenoid Valve Repair Kit


This kit will allow you to replace the internal parts of the valves (Part #VPV017 (115VAC) or VPV036 (220VAC). These valves are attached to the control box by a conduit adaptor.


  1. The first step is to remove power from this system.
  2. Remove the copper tubing attached to the solenoid body. Make sure to note what number or In/out marking on the valve body goes to what tubing you are removing.
  3. Remove the nut on the top of the solenoid and drop out the solenoid body out of the bottom of the conduit housing, that will be the solenoid body with the Flute sticking up. The coil should remain in the conduit adaptor.
  4. Once you have the solenoid body in your hands, use the ILS014 or the RPT501 to unscrew the Flute and remove the piston and spring. Remove the O-ring from the inside bottom of the valve body.
  5. Install the new O-ring into the inside bottom of the valve body. Install the new piston and spring into the Flute with the spring on top of piston and the rubber end of the piston pointing down into the inside of the valve body. Screw the flute back down into the valve body, use the ILS014 or the RPT501 to tighten the flute to the valve body.
  6. The re-install the solenoid valve body up into the conduit housing and re-install the top nut to hold the solenoid body in place. Reattach the copper tubing to the valve body that was removed in step 2. Use Teflon tape to get a water tight seal
  7. Restore power and check machine operation, checking for any leaks of the copper tubing to the valve body or any other leaks.
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