(image for) VacStar 50 STRAINER (WATER-1/4")

VacStar 50 STRAINER (WATER-1/4")

Model: VPS013-8364



High Quality VACSTAR 5 Vacuum Replacement Parts

Part #VPS013-8364
OEM Part #55909; 77005145; PCB50960


  • Material: Lead Free Cast Copper Silicon Alloy
  • Ports: 1/4" FPT

Quantity Required For The VacStar 5: One (1)

Note: When servicing the strainer, you now have a choice to replace the entire strainer or just replace the Strainer Element and O-ring.

Also available: Strainer Element Part #VPE014-8352

Fits: Water Control Assembly

Model This Part Fits: VacStar 50 Vacuum Systems

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