Model: MIB131-4220




Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair Parts - Guaranteed High Quality

Part #MIB131-4220

M11 Control (PC) Board Refurbished

  • High Quality.....Fully Guaranteed!
  • PC board performance verified, calibrated and tested (Quality Control test printout included with each board)
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • See NOTES below for Serial # information
  • This PC Board is Not Returnable Nor Refundable - Warranty Service Only
  • Includes The Best Guarantee
  • Also Includes The Best Technical Support In The Industry

Fits: Chassis mounting plate

Model This Part Fits: Midmark M11 Autoclave

Notes: This Board only fits M11 -001 thru -019 with Serial # prefixes ES, ET, FP, FR & GB

See Below For Things To Check Before/After Replacing The Midmark M11 PC Control Board

Click Here For Installation Instructions

Midmark M11 Board Trade-In Program

Our new lower price reflects the credit for your old board

Here is how it works. After completing your order, we will send you a kit through UPS. This kit contains instructions for returning your old board along with a special static free bubble wrap pouch, and a UPS return label.

Simply remove your old board (Click Here for instructions), insert the board into the included pouch and place the it inside the box, afix the included return label and give it back to UPS.

As soon as we receive your old board, your refurbished board will be shipped to you

And if you need help with the installation, all you have to do is contact us and we will walk you through any problems you might encounter

Things To Check Before You Replace Your Midmark M11 PC Control Board

There are just a few things you need to check before you order your new PC Board

  • Check the Pulse Solenoid Ohms. If the Ohms are much lower than ~14.6 on the M9 (Blue coil) or ~11.6 Ohms on the M11(Black coil) then the Pulse Solenoid is bad and will damage the PC Board
  • Check for a bad ground connection at the PC Board or a missing/loose screw that is used to mount the PC Board to the mounting plate. Either of these conditions can cause the fill solenoid valve to continually fill the chamber with water thus staying in the fill mode and not going into the sterilize mode
  • Check the Water Level Sensor. A bad Water Level Sensor will do the same thing as a bad ground connection. Keep in mind that if the sensor is not tight, the insulated inserts can take on water and fail to insulate thus causing the PC Board to "think" that the chamber is full of water. In this case, the sterilizer will overheat resulting in a 001 Error Code
  • Check the Heater Elements. The M9 and M11 heater elements should read ~10 Ohms. And from ground to one tab of the heater should read OPEN. If the heater is shorted, it will cause damage to the PC Board

Written By Jim Wisniewski Manager, RPI Product Development

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