Statim 2000 Air Compressor (SCK020-383) Installation


SERVICE TIP: REPLACE THE CHECK VALVE WHEN REPLACING THE COMPRESSOR! A leaky check valve can cause moisture or steam to seep inside a compressor thus causing the compressor to fail. We recommend replacing the check valve at the same time you replace the compressor so, AllClaveParts includes a Check Valve Kit Part #SCK011-246 with the Air Compressor Kit Part #SCK020-383
  1. Turn off and unplug the autoclave from the outlet
  2. Remove the tubing connecting the check valve to the compressor
  3. Use a 7/16" wrench to secure fitting on steam generator/boiler and remove the check valve using a 1/2" wrench
  4. After the check valve is removed, clean any debris from the steam generator/boiler fitting
  5. Warning: Incomplete removal of debris from the steam generator/boiler fitting before installing new check valve may result in valve failure
  6. Apply approximately 3-4 drops of the included Threadlocker 545 Part #RPA369-354 to completely cover the threads on the steam generator/boiler fitting
  7. Install the new check valve hand-tight onto boiler fitting. Use a 7/16" wrench to secure the boiler fitting and tighten the new check valve with a 1/2" wrench (approximately 3-4 turns)

    Care must be exercised to ensure that fittings on the steam generator/boiler are properly wrenched when loosening or tightening mating fittings. Failure to do so may result in damage to the fitting on the steam generator/boiler. If damage occurs, it will be an expensive repair that can only be made at the Scican's repair facility. There are no "field serviceable" options for this type of damage
  9. Note the routing and colors of the compressor wires. Remove cable ties securing wires to chassis and remove wires from main PC board terminal block (J1-9 & J1-10)
  10. Remove and discard the four mounting screws and washers
  11. Remove ground wire from old compressor and reinstall onto the new compressor using the ground wire screw previously removed from the old compressor
  12. Mount the new compressor using the screws provided in this kit
  13. Reroute the wires and attach them to the main PC board terminal block (White wire to J1-10, Black wire to J1-9). Secure wires to chassis at the same points the old compressor wires were secured
  14. Cut the new transparent Tubing Part #RPT373-993 to size and secure to the barb fitting on the check valve and air compressor using the Hi-Temp Cable Ties Part #RPT480-372 provided
  15. Run a test cycle or two to ensure autoclave runs properly
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