Statim 2000 Waste Bottle Kit


Our New "User-Friendly" Condenser Waste Bottle Kit with Quick Disconnect for Easy Bottle Release

Installing your New Waste Bottle Kit is easy! Simply follow these step-by-step directions
  1. Remove original Teflon exhaust tubing from the back of the sterilizer. IMPORTANT: Our new quick connect will not function properly if used with the Statim orginal tubing. Only use our Nylon tubing included with the kit
  2. Unscrew lid of the bottle. Remove lid with attached condensation coil from bottle. Remove the "bubble" wrap that is located inside the bottle. Replace lid with attached condensation coil and screw lid securely back onto bottle
  3. Fill bottle with tap water according to instructions located on front side of bottle
  4. Attach the end of the new exhaust tubing with the quick connect to the connector on the top of the bottle. IMPORTANT: When locking the quick connect in place, listen for a "click" to ensure proper seal
  5. Attach the other end of the new exhaust tubing to the Push-In Elbow Fitting Part #RPF363-243 that is located on the back of the sterilizer. IMPORTANT: Be sure to push tubing completely into fitting, then pull-back on the tubing to ensure a proper seal
  6. Use the included cord clips to secure the exhaust tubing as needed
Easy Installation of your new Waste Bottle Kit

Note: Don't have the Elbow Fitting Part #RPF363-243 on your Statim 2000? Add it to your order today! It Allows you to push the sutoclave closer to thw wall and gives you more counter space widget logo